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Food makes the world go round! We make tasty treats and learm about food.

Our cooking sessions raise of awareness of the importance of all aspects of food - especially the benefits of health eating. This includes food preparation, food hygiene, cooking on a budget, and the connection with food and alcohol, for example showing a more structured way of why we drink wine. We introduce young people to international ingredients such as spices as well as alternative diets, e.g. vegan, vegatarian and gluten-free.

We believe it's important that all aspects of food is integrated into youth progarmmes and activities. We have developed cooking sessions that are integrated into many of our drop in sessions

We deliver over a 40 week term programme . The sessions listed below

Wednesday at Helenslea Community Hall 3.30-5.30
Wednesday at Netherholm Community Centre 6pm-8 pm
Thursday Carmyle community centre 5pm-7pm

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